Google Meet Presents Many New Filters, Here's How To Use It

Compared to some other video chat apps, Google Meet is a bit boring. Users can indeed change the background or video background or make it blurry. But until now that's all that makes Google Meet more personal.

Looks like Google heard of this. Most recently, the company has integrated many new filters and masks into Meet.

Google Meet Presents Many New Filters, Here's How To Use It

With this new selection of filters and masks, it makes it a bit more like Google Duo and very much like the Snap Camera app on Zoom.

These changes include new animated backgrounds such as an underwater environment with bubbles and jellyfish swimming, as well as being able to turn heads into the heads of cats, elephants, dinosaurs, and more.

To access this new option, join or start a Meet call on Android or iOS, then tap the shiny icon in the bottom right. Below the old options for background effects, you'll see an additional row of options like Blur, Backgrounds, Styles, and Filters.

These new features should be active by now for Android and iOS users, both in the Meet app and even in Gmail.

However, there are some limitations, such as users cannot get this filter experience on the web version, and it only works for personal accounts, not managed accounts, such as business and university.

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