How to Solve 'Untrusted Developer' Message on iPhone iOS 14

How To Trust App On iPhone iOS 14 - The App Store isn't the only place to get or install apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can also install applications from outside the App Store, for example through third-party stores or manually install application files (.IPA) with the help of applications such as Cydia Impactor, Sideloadly, or AltStore.

How to Solve 'Untrusted Developer' Message on iPhone iOS 14

Unlike the Android or iPhone that has been jailbroken, generally applications that are installed and come from outside the App Store cannot be directly used or simply opened. A warning message will appear such as:

Untrusted Developer: Your device management settings do not allow the use of apps from the developer "iPhone Developer:****@**.***(******)" on this iPhone. You can allow it in Settings.

When going to open applications that are installed outside the App Store.

Causes of Untrusted Developer Messages

The reason is simple, namely the user is required to first trust the developer of the application or simply the application provider through the iPhone Settings application.

It's easy to trust app developers through the Settings app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

You can apply this method to applications that are installed through third-party application stores, or applications that are installed yourself using your own Apple ID, for example through Cydia Impactor, Sideloadly, AltStore, 3uTools, etc.

Open the iPhone Settings app

Then go to General menu > Device Management

 Then on the Developer App menu, please select the name of the app developer you want to set to trust. (For those who install the application themselves, the Apple ID email address used is usually displayed)

Then tap on the Trust menu "developer name" then tap Trust again.

If so, now please try to open the application again and see the results

As additional information, if you install the application yourself using a regular Apple ID (whether it's through Cydia Impactor, Sideloadly, AltStore, etc.), generally the application will last for 7 days before it can no longer be used.

As for applications from third-party application stores, they have a longer active period (usually about 1 year), but besides that, this method is more risky, the license may be revoked at any time by Apple which ends up being unusable.

Well, to solve this problem users can reinstall the application after 7 days or use the auto-renewal feature like the AltStore application. As for those from third-party app stores, you can try removing the unopened app and then reinstalling it.

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