If Your SD Card Is Unread or Undetected

 If Your SD Card Is Unread or Undetected

In connection with the increasingly diverse uses of smartphones, the need for more and more mobile phone usage, we developed a variety of storage on OPPO phones that can suit your needs. In addition, we also provide an additional slot to place an SD card on a smartphone. SD cards have an important role for those of you who need more storage space. SD Card storage is also diverse, you can buy an SD card outside and experience more SD card storage on your OPPO phone. The problem is, what if the SD card. it can't be read on your OPPO phone? Learn how to fix unreadable SD card on OPPO phone in the article below.

If Your SD Card Is Unread or Undetected

Applicable to: All OPPO phones.

The following steps are how to fix an unreadable SD card on your OPPO phone, so you can experience the benefits of SD card storage again;

Eject SD Card and Reinsert

1. Remove the SD Card and Place it Properly and Reinsert it into the SD Card Holder.

*Insert horizontally to avoid damage to the case or SD Card. If it still fails to detect, try checking your SD Card and phone.

2. Try Using a Different SD Card on Your Phone

If a new SD Card can be detected, indicating that the problem is with the previous SD Card, we recommend that you replace / buy another SD Card.

3. Try SD Card in Another Phone

If it can be detected on other phones, it shows that the SD Card is fine, but the phone is the problem. Therefore, bring your cellphone, proof of purchase and warranty card to visit your local OPPO Service Center for further assistance

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