Check out how to deal with almost full Gmail storage

Check out how to deal with almost full Gmail storage. There are several easy ways you can try. Gmail is one of the most popular electronic mail (e-mail) platforms used by the people of Indonesia. In addition, Gmail itself is one of the platforms created by Google that can be used for various needs.

Check out how to deal with almost full Gmail storage

Gmail provides a capacity of 15 GB on each google account. This capacity includes Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos.

Basically, the email file size is fairly small and doesn't take up much storage capacity. However, if left for years it will accumulate and become big too. In addition, Gmail is usually full due to the storage capacity being exhausted by Google Drive or Photos. Launching from Google Support here is how to solve full storage. 1. Delete files by size in Google Drive The first way is to delete files in Google Drive from the largest to the smallest size. The trick is to open Gmail on a computer and sort the files by size. After sorting files move large files to Trash and delete them permanently. 2. Delete emails with large attachments Deleting emails with large attachments is the second way to keep Gmail's storage from being full. You do this by typing 'has:attachment larger:10M', which means the number 10 here is the file size. So look for the largest file size and then click delete files, then go to the Trash menu and click empty Trash.

3. Delete emails in the spam folder In addition to deleting large emails, deleting emails in the spam folder can also be a way to overcome a full Gmail storage. How to delete an email in the spam folder is quite easy, just find the spam folder then click Delete Now and click Delete forever. 4. Delete photos and videos As mentioned above, Gmail storage includes Google Drive and Google Photos. Therefore, deleting photos and videos in Google Photos can also be a way to overcome a full Gmail storage. 5. Delete data hidden in Google Drive The next way is to delete data hidden in Google Drive. Usually this hidden data takes up quite a lot of space, because the stored data is invisible and tends to keep piling up until Gmail is full.

6. Buy additional storage capacity The last way to overcome so that Gmail is not full is to buy additional storage capacity for a Google account. Users can upgrade the storage capacity according to the package provided by Google. This method can be used as an option if all files or emails in your Gmail are important.

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